Hiking on Mediterranean trails of Tihany:

Although the noise of cicadas and the coniferous forest environment give a Mediterranean character to Lóczy nature trail, it does not wind near the blue sea but the green Lake Balaton. This hike presents the most exciting attractions of Tihany peninsula and offers one of the most extraordinary views in the country. 

Tihany Peninsula is like a landscape model: it features various landmarks but at a smaller scale. There is no volcano but there is a lake filling remains of a crater. There is no geyser but there are geyserite cones. There is no sea here and yet pine trees and cicadas imitate an environment typical of Mediterranean seaside. Of course, these analogies are here only to help imagine the atmosphere, however, hiking around Tihany peninsula will be a memorable experience on its own.

As Hungary is poor in sizeable surfaces of water, hiking all day close to bodies of water is possible along our rivers mainly. But lakes (and seas) are different. The view over vast and open water is offered by the shoreline of Balaton, however, the flat terrain cannot please us with a bird’s eye view. That is why Lóczy trail guarantees a unique experience as it offers a view over Balaton from above and from close at the same time.

As the area is quite a popular tourist destination, geological values and the unparalleled landscape deserves protection. This was the first landscape protection area is Hungary, today it belongs to the Balaton Uplands National Park. Anyway, it gained the European Diploma in 2003 demonstrating that it represents an exceptional conservational interest on the continent. Without this protection, probably the splendid view itself would lead to irretrievable loss of natural values as it understandably would greatly appeal to investors’ imagination.

Lóczy Lajos walkway was the first nature trail in the country and it hardly could be at a better location. Not only because of the view but the information boards (or guides of the national park) make it a geological lexicon of the area. The distance is reasonable and shortcuts are possible (total distance: 17 km).

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Round tour on the Tihany Peninsula

Difficulty: easy
Distance: 11.4 km
Duration: 4:40 h
Ascent: 242 m
Descent: 242 m

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